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Paint Our Future and it's network of advocates continually work to expand the organization's reach to support the children of the Gathiga Childen's Hope Home in Nairobi, Kenya.


We raise funds to solely maintain the orphanage, fund student's clothing, daily activities and education. 

Please enjoy photos and videos of the children and Pastor Lucy. Should you have any questions contact us directly via email

in the beginning.

Lucy Ndegwa affectionately known as "Auntie", "Mum" and "Pastor Lucy" is the founder of the Gathiga Children's' Hope Home of Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa.


Thirty years ago, Lucy began going to the streets of Nairobi to share bread, juice and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children abandoned in the streets of Nairobi.

After a year of feeding children, Pastor Lucy and her husband were called by God to bring children from the street into their home.  Faced with the challenge to feed, educate, and meet basic health needs for the children, Lucy sought the support of her community.

Being a local dressmaker and a woman of great faith, she solicited the support of local merchants the people of her church and village.


As a result, the Gathiga Children's Hope Home became a reality. Currently, there are over 120 children enrolled, in primary and secondary schooling.  Some of the children have successfully enrolled in college and continue to give back to the orphanage through volunteering.


Pastor Lucy's faith, love for children, and business savvy has helped her build both the Gathiga Orphanage and the Langalanga Hope Rehabilitation Center for many of the children who were born with the HIV/Aids virus.

Words can not express the love we have in our hearts for this selfless, extraordinary woman of God.  Thank you Pastor Lucy for giving a home to children who thought they may never have one.

our journey.

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